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Error occurs on ace components

PUBG is insanely popular and it is no surprise that it gets its fair share of cheaters. Likewise, the game developers have worked hard to block them. To do so, anti-cheat features are added to the game.

WackyJacky101, a well-known content maker in the PUBG community, announced that PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has added another anti-cheat called ACE (Anti-Cheat Expert) and is being developed by Tencent.

Judging by the reaction of cheaters, the system blocks violators “by hardware” and does not allow creating new accounts (they are immediately blocked).
At the same time, changing the MAC address and serial number of the hard drive does not remove the ban.

Previously, PUBG Studios released a video summarizing and describing the main features of the 18.1 patch that was recently rolled out to the main PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS servers.

To the end user, it may seem like nothing has changed but when PUBG installs or is updated, additional software is installed which, when the game is running, will block cheat-ware.


If you have overlay apps running, quit them. PUBG may consider them to be cheat-ware. This can include overlays from Nvidia’s ShadowPlay or any other screen recording feature e.g. if you have OBS running.

You should also try disabling the Discord overlay. Discord is generally a safe app for all games but anti-cheat solutions can be overzealous and block it as well.

PUBG is an online game so your progress is always saved. When you update the game, it’s always an in-place update and things can go wrong that Steam might not be able to fix. In this case, you can uninstall and reinstall PUBG. It’s not easy given that the game is fairly large but it will fix the problem.

This is a fix for “Error occurs on ace components” that the new anti-cheat does. Tried it like verifying integrity of PUBG and later reinstalling it.

The fix – follow the orders

1. Press Windows + R. Or type Run in Windows search bar.

2. Type in “services.msc” and press enter.

3. Find service called “AntiCheatExpert Service”

4. Double click it. For me it was disabled and that made the error occur, so put it on “Manual”.

5. Press “Apply”.

PUBG gets a lot of cheaters and they have ruined the game for many people. The anti-cheat measures, while somewhat effective, have known to cause problems with gameplay. A fresh install can usually fix things when all else fails. 

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