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Error in action number 1

ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object objDevolver: Error defining an external function. There are a number of people who have this error.

There can be multiple reasons for the errors; some of the possible reasons are mentioned below.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ helps run games on a computer; if Visual C++ is missing on your PC it may cause errors while running the games
  • The missing XNA framework can cause errors while playing on the PC
  • RoR errors can also be caused by the errors in the Windows updates
  • Outdated Graphic Drivers
  • Various issues with the Steam program can also cause game errors
  • Game issues can also be caused by your antivirus program

The following guide will give you methods to fix the errors on your system.

One of the first methods that you can try to fix the fatal error in action number 1 issue, is you can try installing Microsoft Visual C++ in your system. You can download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistruble packages from the official Microsoft websites.

Often, the game itself is not the problem for game error; instead, the problem may be caused by the Steam platform. One of the methods to fix this issue is to run Steam as an administrator.

Try running the game at 1280 x 768 resolution. I seem to recall seeing on the devs’ Twitter that this was the optimal resolution for the game.

If the XNA framework is missing from your system, you can’t run games on your computer without the XNA framework. However, you can download the XNA framework from the internet for free.

Most common reason for fatal error occurring on your PC is missing Windows updates. A missing Windows update can cause various issues with the programs on your computer, including the Risk of Rain game; so if you are wondering why there is a fatal error, check for the Windows update.

One of major causes of the fatal error i while playing the game is an outdated graphic driver. If you enjoy playing computer games, make sure you are equipped with updated graphic drivers.

Several errors in a game are caused by the corrupted game files; you can try to fix this issue by verifying the integrity of the game file using the Steam program.

If you can’t find a solution, try moving your focus toward your antivirus. Often, your antivirus blocks game files which leads to errors while running the game. You can temporarily disable your antivirus to fix this issue.

Use to get constant crashes and random reboots. tried reinstalls etc. After opting into beta by right clicking then enter hlm forthe beta code everything has worked fine since. not a single crash or audio/graphic bug.

To fix that problem permanently, you could participate in beta version (same content, less bug).
You have to : Right-click “Game” => “Properties” => “Betas” => Enter code “hlm” and select “Beta – Beta branch”. Confirm. When you launch game, you’ll have a launcher where you can change, among other things, resolution and language. After, you’ll have no bug anymore.

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