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Error player not found

Overwatch 2 just got released and tons of players have been trying to get into the servers and play with their friends. If you and your mates are lucky enough to get through the massive queues, you may not be out of the woods yet if you plan to group up for matches.

Some players have reported that they are still encountering issues where they try to add another player into their group, but an error shows up saying “Player Not Found”. This error can be brought on by a couple of things; some are manageable, while others are on the server’s end. Luckily, there are a couple of fixes that can be done to help resolve the issue.

This error can occur when the game client is having trouble communicating with the realm server. Try these steps to resolve it:

Login to another character on the same realm.

Create a new character on the realm and login.

Exit World of Warcraft completely and relaunch it.

Restart the Battle.net desktop app to clear any stalled Agent processes.

Restart your computer to resolve problems caused by programs and services running in the background.

Resolve connection issues by following the steps on our support article.

Fixing the Player Not Found Error in Overwatch 2

There are a few fixes to this issue that won’t take you too much time. The first of which is to get someone else from your group to attempt inviting the player who shows up as ‘not found.’ It is unclear why this error happens although it can be worked around by trying this. Along with that fix, restarting the game from a fresh reset also can eradicate the issue. Leaving the group and attempting an invite also can also appear to fix the error you get.

The developers will likely be working on a fix for this very soon. Before you get busy with D.Va’s abilities and prime strategies, this issue should be dealt with quickly by one of the methods above. This should hopefully be the only strange occurrence you run across when inviting people. You’ll be winning matches as a team again in no time!

Make sure to use the correct email address or battletag

Inside the game’s Social tab, you have the option to add friends via the “Begin Adding Friends” button. It will then ask for either your friend’s email address or their battletag. To find out what the battletag is, you or they can hover over the name tag on the upper right corner of the screen and the battletag should appear beside looking like [Your Player Name] #[Tag Number].

Have someone else in the group to invite them, if possible

If you have other friends that are already in the same group as you, let them try to add your friend instead and see if it works.

Try inviting them through the chat option

If adding through the Social tab does not work, try to add your friend through the chat. From your end, simply type “/invite [Player’s name]” in the chatbox. Your friend can also try joining your group by typing “/join [Player’s name]” in the chatbox. Just make sure that you will have slots in your team to do so.

Restart the game

If all else fails, you and your friend may have to reboot the game. If you or your friend jumped into Overwatch 2 right after installing it, it may also help to restart your PC or console.

If none of the steps work, you or your friend may want to consider sending a bug report through Blizzard Support.

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