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Error permitted operation failed

I was creating a disk image (on the internal SSD) from a folder on an external SSD when the error occurred (see below).

Using a copy of the folder copied to the internal (system) drive did not produce this error. Note that Full Disk Access privilege is enabled for the Disk Utility application.

This has traditionally been error prone—use an alternative.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 environment that has Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Update Rollup 3 (UR3) or a later version installed.


    You create an HTML email message by using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook 2010 in online mode.

  • The email message contains inline images. For example, you create an HTML email message that contains more than 20 color bullets.

Here are some errors that you may encounter when trying to create a Hyper-V checkpoint:

  • Hyper-V checkpoint operation failed
  • Could not initiate a checkpoint operation
  • Could not create auto virtual hard disk
  • General access denied

The Terminal application commands are shown below.

diskutil  erasevolume  "Free Space"  ""  /dev/disk0s4
diskutil  cs  resizestack  D7989525-A492-467F-9631-6214317713EE  0

The first command deletes your 54 GB Untitled partition. The second command merges all the free space back in to the other partition.

To resolve this issue follow the solutions below as per the scenario.

Solution 1

  1. From a client system Web browser, go to the base URL of the vCenter Server system or the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance without appending port numbers or ‘vsphere-client’ extension.
    For example:
    https://vcenter.domain.com/  Enter your vCenter FQDN details on a Web browser 
  2. Click the Download trusted root CA certificates link at the bottom of the grey box on the right and download the file. 

Before we start to fix Disk Utility DVD copy errors, there are some limits that you should know. Make sure they are not the reasons to “Disk Utility will not copy DVD” issues.

Apple products including iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Disk Copy, and Disk Utility can’t copy DVDs with protections. So if you’re trying a commercial disc, it may give your problems like cannot copy – input/output error. If you want to copy protected DVD to Mac, you will the help from a third-party helper.

Cause This error can occur for the following reasons:

  • The specified file resides on a volume that has been removed from the system or on a device that was brought down after the file was opened.

  • The file is a device or process on a remote system whose link has gone down.

  • If a server returned this error, the server received a message from a process that it does not recognize as its opener. This can happen if a FILE_OPEN_ procedure was used to open a file but the file name did not include the optional sequence number.

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