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Error error package path not exported


The error happens often in Next.js projects when issuing the npm run dev command and gets resolved after running npm update.

If that didn’t resolve your issue, run the node -v command and make sure you are running the long-term supported version of Node.js.

I keep on getting this error since I installed this module yesterday

Error [ERR_PACKAGE_PATH_NOT_EXPORTED]: No "exports" main defined in /home/dev/projects/api/node_modules/jose/package.jso
This error means you're doing require/import of just jose. Please refer to each individual module's documentation on how to require/import the respective functions.

We work on a Sage10 website on two different computers, node and yarn are strictly in the same versions, files are synchronized with git. Error [ERR_PACKAGE_PATH_NOT_EXPORTED]

For every new install, the installation is started with this edited package.json file, despite there is no error during the installation, the build breaks.
Trying to reinstall node_modules, starting from the edited package.json file, fails on every computer.

The solution :

  • replace edited package.json file with the initial file from Roots/sage
  • yarn install + do a complete install of other added modules, as they are not listed in package.json

Can you show the docs for this?

Can you try this?

import Swiper, { Grid, Lazy, EffectFade, Navigation, Pagination, Scrollbar, EffectCoverflow} from 'swiper';
Swiper.use([Grid, Lazy, EffectFade, Navigation, Pagination, Scrollbar, EffectCoverflow]);
A package is a folder tree described by a package.json file. The package consists of the folder containing the package.json file and all subfolders until the next folder containing another package.json file, or a folder named node_modules.
In general the exports field should contain an object where each properties specifies a sub path of the module request. For the examples above the following properties could be used: "." for import "package" and "./sub/path" for import "package/sub/path". Properties ending with a / will forward a request with this prefix to the old file system lookup algorithm. For properties ending with ** may take any value and any * in the property value is replaced with the taken value.

PCF Error [ERR_PACKAGE_PATH_NOT_EXPORTED]: Package subpath ‘./v4’ is not defined by “exports”

This should be fixed with the latest update on the pac CLI which has the hotfix for this issue 

>> pac install latest

>> pac use latest

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